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The Jinkage-Ryu Ninpo Bugei School was founded in 1993 and has been teaching "Authentic Combat Ninjutsu" for well over 20 years. The schools founder and headmaster, Roger J. Small (Sensei) 10th Dan, has been training in the art of Ninjutsu for over 35 years and during this period has taught certain aspects of the art to British CID Police Officers, Close Protection Personel and members of our British Special Forces.

Straight Road Community Centre
329 Straight Road

TIMES: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
EVENINGS: Friday's

Your first introductory lesson is "Free of Charge"

Minimum age 18yrs

Company description
Aims and objectives of the school

The aims and objectives of the Jinkage-Ryu Ninpo Bugei School are to provide every student with the best possible training in both traditional and modern personal protection skills as taught through the art of Ninjutsu and to ensure that all students have the opportunity of exploring their full potential within a controlled and safe environment. Beginners and all levels are welcome.
In order to gain the best possible results from your training we have included here an insight into a few important aspects of the school curriculum that form part of the fundamental principles of the art of Ninjutsu as we teach it.

Target hardening: how not to be chosen as a potential target (Victim)
Environmental Awareness: being aware of your surroundings and recognising potential trouble spots.
Ninpo-Taijutsu: (the ninja's hand to hand combat system) incoporating; striking, kicking, joint locks, strangles, chokes, throws, sweeps, rolling methods, break-falling, combat engagement distancing, foot-work, adrenalin and fear control, ground fighting techniques, defence against knife attacks etc.

Ninpo-Taijutsu principles will include the following methods; Mechanics – the most efficient ways of moving the body in response to attacks must Include the correct physical fundamentals such as footwork, angling and distancing, the correct employment of body weapons, and effective techniques and strategies.

Dynamics – the most effective means by which the mechanics are employed
Includes; proper applications of energy, rhythm and flow, strength and flexibility, speed and the ability to “feel and fit into” the action of the technique exchange.

These are just some of the aspects that are taught within the Jinkage-Ryu Ninpo Bugei school.
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, more than 2 years ago

Having visited many ninjutsu schools over the years, I have to say that Colchester Ninjutsu is an excellent organization that provides some of the best training I have ever seen. I would highly recommend this school. Martin Steel Bujinkan Clacton

, more than 2 years ago

This is a really excellent school! Top rank teaching from a very experienced teacher. This caliber of school is very hard to find in today's day and age. Would highly recommend! Steve Richardson

, more than 2 years ago

What an excellent school. first class teaching from Sensei Roger Small who has a vast amount of knowledge. Highly recommended. Peter Webb

, more than 2 years ago

I have been training in Ninjutsu for the past 10 years and have to say that this school is definitely the best I have seen! Excellent teaching with instantly workable techniques for the 21st century. Sensei Roger Small's knowledge of real combat is second to none. Highly recommended. Steve Shaw (5th Dan Instructor, Bujinkan Hertfordshire)

, more than 2 years ago

An excellent experience in authentic combat ninjutsu. This school is the best ninjutsu school I have ever seen bar none! A small group, dedicated instructor and high quality skills are taught within this school. This is the "REAL DEAL". Real combat techniques and skills! Awsome!! Craig Fletcher

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